12 October 2007

Texas Death Certificates

Footnote has images of over 179,000 Texas Death Certificates online. Years range from 1890 to 1976. These records are searchable by first and last name of the deceased, year, county, and city. A certificate may include the decedent's date, place, and cause of death; age; date of birth; last residence; and marital status. If known, it will also include occupation, birth place, parents' names, and place of burial. Browse by county, then year, then surname, beginning with the first letters of the last name of the person you seek. If unsure of the year or location, use the search box under the browse menu.

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05 October 2007

Navy Widows' Certificates Online at Footnote

Navy Widows' Certificates are online at Footnote.com. More than 40,700 images from case files of approved pension applications of widows and other dependents of Civil War and later Navy veterans (1861-1910) are available for viewing.

According to Craig Scott, a certified genealogist:

"The collection is a compilation of approved navy pensions covering applications made during the period 1861 to about 1910. It includes important information for the researcher, such as information about the military service of the sailor, the circumstances of the death of the sailor, information about the marriage of the sailor to the applicant, information about the children of the sailor under the age of sixteen and information about the associates of the applicants, such as relatives and neighbors. In addition, information about naval commands with which a veteran served, details of battles and campaigns, and other documentation concerning the veteran's service may also be included in some pension application files.

You can locate an approved pension through the alphabetical hierarchy in the browse menu. Select the first letter of the last name, then the first two letters of the surname, locate the surname, followed by his given name in the next section of browse titles."

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20 September 2007

Slave Cemetery Filled in With Dirt

I just read on a mailing list that a slave cemetery on Wesley Chapel Road in Cobb County, GA has been filled in with about 2 feet of dirt due to some construction going on in the area. This, of course, is unconscionable. If you live in the area and have seen the destruction, please report it to anyone that might listen. One place to report the damage is the Cobb County Cemetery Preservation Commission.

By the way, I would like a picture or two if anyone can get close enough (without getting into trouble).


Looks like the proper folks were notified. I just received word an investigtative team is checking into this! Good job!

19 September 2007

Welborn / Wellborn Cemetery

Tombstone transcriptions and photos of Welborn / Wellborn Cemetery is now online! Wellborn Cemetery is located on Highway 247 (South of Robins Air Force Base), Warner Robins, Houston County, Georgia. Surnames found in the cemetery are as follows:


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08 September 2007

Rescuing a Neglected Cemetery

The Texas Historical Commission's Rescuing a Neglected Cemetery is worth a read. Topics include the following:

  • Getting Started
  • Researching Cemetery Records
  • Conducting a Cemetery Survey
  • Designating a Historic Cemetery
  • Using Preservation Standards
  • Taking Action

Check it out!

22 August 2007

Eglantine Square, Rose Hill Cemetery Update

I just uploaded about 20 more gravestone transcriptions from Eglantine Square in Rose Hill Cemetery; Macon, Bibb County, Georgia. Go see them now.


24 July 2007

Bonaventure Cemetery

I recently visited Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia and came back with a slew of photos! I uploaded them, along with transcriptions of many of the stones. Check it out!

12 July 2007

World Vital Records FREE for 7 Days - No Credit Card Required!

World Vital Records provides affordable access to over 10,000 databases. They have lots of birth, marriage, and death records, inlcuding Tennessee Deaths for 1908-1912!

Try World Vital Records Absolutely Free for 7 Days! No Credit Card Required.


25 June 2007

Savannah Cemeteries

Savannah's Laurel Grove CemeterySavannah's Laurel Grove Cemetery
When we come to our final resting place, we may be remembered by an elaborate mausoleum, a block of stone, a wooden post, or perhaps nothing at all. Such is the manner in which those resting under the trees of Laurel Grove Cemetery are memorialized. Established in 1850 out of the property of Springfield, one of Savannah’s earliest plantations, Laurel Grove Cemetery is one of the most mysterious and intriguing cemeteries in all of the city. Through her gates lie individuals who have made their mark locally and worldwide. In this beautiful sanctuary rest such notable individuals as Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts of America; Florence Martus, who became more popularly known as the Waving Girl; James Pierpont, author of “Jingle Bells,” the popular Christmas carol; and more than 600 Confederate soldiers.

Historic Bonaventure Cemetery: GA (Georgia) Historical SocietyHistoric Bonaventure Cemetery: GA Historical Society
All cemeteries are history made tangible. Each neatly laid out plot, each lichen-dotted headstone, each lovingly crafted monument, is a representation of a personal history. While each cemetery has its own collection of stories to tell, Bonaventure Cemetery has more stories than most. For more than 150 years, citizens of Savannah have buried their loved ones at Bonaventure Cemetery. Among its grounds, monuments bearing the names of such famous people as Johnny Mercer lie alongside markers bearing names of those known only to their family. Bonaventure’s stately beauty seems the perfect setting for a cemetery. Historic Bonaventure Cemetery illustrates the development of Bonaventure as a Victorian-style cemetery and the transformation from a private estate to a public cemetery. Historic Bonaventure Cemetery, the first book solely about Bonaventure, includes images of Bonaventure and Greenwich—the two plantations that became Bonaventure—and provides information about the people and the monuments there.

More Savannah & Chatham County, Georgia Books

Southern Graves


18 June 2007

Still Life

This is a cool video. I saw it first on the Scribblings from Memory blog. It was done by Josh Flowers. What an awesome idea.


05 June 2007

Lynching Victims in America

Sad, but true.

Lynching Victims in America

The Civil War

I first saw this on Dana Huff's genealogy blog. I decided I wanted to share! It's "A Collection of Historical Nineteenth Century Photographs from the American Civil War." Enjoy!

08 May 2007

Byron City Cemetery; Peach County, Georgia

I recently uploaded some gravestone photos from Byron City Cemetery; Peach County, Georgia.

20 April 2007

Funeral Services for Mrs. Fannie Elizabeth Etheridge

The Macon Daily Telegraph
Bibb County, Georgia
6 December 1916


Funeral services for Mrs. Fannie Elizabeth Etheridge, widow of M. F. Etheridge, were held at Centerville yesterday morning at 11 o'clock. The services were largely attended and the floral offerings were many and beautiful. Elder T. J. Herring conducted the services. Interment was made beside her husband in Centerville cemetery.

Old News Across the South

16 April 2007

Carlos Cemetery; Bibb County, Georgia

I recently visited and surveyed Carlos Cemetery on Taylor Road in Bibb County, Georgia. Following the link above, you'll find I've uploaded gravestone transcriptions and photos, as well as linked to obituaries and news articles about some of those interred there.

14 March 2007

The Humble Dead in Rose Hill Cemetery

The Macon Telegraph & Messenger
15 February 1882

The Humble Dead in Rose Hill Cemetery
"On fame's eternal camping ground,
The silent tents are spread,
While glory guards with solemn round
The bivouac of the dead."

No costly marble marks the spot of the silent sleepers. There has been no portraiture of their death-bed scenes. No long extended notices were published announcing their decease. But sadly and silently they were borne away, and soon the brown autumn leave covered the new made graves. The birds sang their plaintive songs amid the overhanging boughs. The winds sighed a sad requiem and all was soon hushed into deep forgetfulness. Their stations in life were humble, yet many, very many of them did their parts nobly, heroically in life, were kind fathers, devoted wives, noble sons, loving sisters, the toiling mechanic, the just merchant, the private soldier each filled his earthly mission and have gone to their long homes. Let us not forget the humble sleepers in Rose Hill. -- PAUL BLUNT

See the Original Online

Rose Hill Cemetery

Old News Across the South

Southern Graves

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