25 June 2007

Savannah Cemeteries

Savannah's Laurel Grove CemeterySavannah's Laurel Grove Cemetery
When we come to our final resting place, we may be remembered by an elaborate mausoleum, a block of stone, a wooden post, or perhaps nothing at all. Such is the manner in which those resting under the trees of Laurel Grove Cemetery are memorialized. Established in 1850 out of the property of Springfield, one of Savannah’s earliest plantations, Laurel Grove Cemetery is one of the most mysterious and intriguing cemeteries in all of the city. Through her gates lie individuals who have made their mark locally and worldwide. In this beautiful sanctuary rest such notable individuals as Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts of America; Florence Martus, who became more popularly known as the Waving Girl; James Pierpont, author of “Jingle Bells,” the popular Christmas carol; and more than 600 Confederate soldiers.

Historic Bonaventure Cemetery: GA (Georgia) Historical SocietyHistoric Bonaventure Cemetery: GA Historical Society
All cemeteries are history made tangible. Each neatly laid out plot, each lichen-dotted headstone, each lovingly crafted monument, is a representation of a personal history. While each cemetery has its own collection of stories to tell, Bonaventure Cemetery has more stories than most. For more than 150 years, citizens of Savannah have buried their loved ones at Bonaventure Cemetery. Among its grounds, monuments bearing the names of such famous people as Johnny Mercer lie alongside markers bearing names of those known only to their family. Bonaventure’s stately beauty seems the perfect setting for a cemetery. Historic Bonaventure Cemetery illustrates the development of Bonaventure as a Victorian-style cemetery and the transformation from a private estate to a public cemetery. Historic Bonaventure Cemetery, the first book solely about Bonaventure, includes images of Bonaventure and Greenwich—the two plantations that became Bonaventure—and provides information about the people and the monuments there.

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18 June 2007

Still Life

This is a cool video. I saw it first on the Scribblings from Memory blog. It was done by Josh Flowers. What an awesome idea.


05 June 2007

Lynching Victims in America

Sad, but true.

Lynching Victims in America

The Civil War

I first saw this on Dana Huff's genealogy blog. I decided I wanted to share! It's "A Collection of Historical Nineteenth Century Photographs from the American Civil War." Enjoy!

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