20 September 2007

Slave Cemetery Filled in With Dirt

I just read on a mailing list that a slave cemetery on Wesley Chapel Road in Cobb County, GA has been filled in with about 2 feet of dirt due to some construction going on in the area. This, of course, is unconscionable. If you live in the area and have seen the destruction, please report it to anyone that might listen. One place to report the damage is the Cobb County Cemetery Preservation Commission.

By the way, I would like a picture or two if anyone can get close enough (without getting into trouble).


Looks like the proper folks were notified. I just received word an investigtative team is checking into this! Good job!

19 September 2007

Welborn / Wellborn Cemetery

Tombstone transcriptions and photos of Welborn / Wellborn Cemetery is now online! Wellborn Cemetery is located on Highway 247 (South of Robins Air Force Base), Warner Robins, Houston County, Georgia. Surnames found in the cemetery are as follows:


Check it out!


08 September 2007

Rescuing a Neglected Cemetery

The Texas Historical Commission's Rescuing a Neglected Cemetery is worth a read. Topics include the following:

  • Getting Started
  • Researching Cemetery Records
  • Conducting a Cemetery Survey
  • Designating a Historic Cemetery
  • Using Preservation Standards
  • Taking Action

Check it out!

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