05 October 2007

Navy Widows' Certificates Online at Footnote

Navy Widows' Certificates are online at Footnote.com. More than 40,700 images from case files of approved pension applications of widows and other dependents of Civil War and later Navy veterans (1861-1910) are available for viewing.

According to Craig Scott, a certified genealogist:

"The collection is a compilation of approved navy pensions covering applications made during the period 1861 to about 1910. It includes important information for the researcher, such as information about the military service of the sailor, the circumstances of the death of the sailor, information about the marriage of the sailor to the applicant, information about the children of the sailor under the age of sixteen and information about the associates of the applicants, such as relatives and neighbors. In addition, information about naval commands with which a veteran served, details of battles and campaigns, and other documentation concerning the veteran's service may also be included in some pension application files.

You can locate an approved pension through the alphabetical hierarchy in the browse menu. Select the first letter of the last name, then the first two letters of the surname, locate the surname, followed by his given name in the next section of browse titles."

Check it out!


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