21 August 2008

Henderson Spring Road Cemetery

Henderson Spring Road Cemetery is now online. It is located in Elko, Houston County, Georgia. I found out about this cemetery from a local resident who knew it as Springhill Church Cemetery. The church is long gone as far as I can tell, and the cemetery is not entirely kept up. It is, I must add, in a beautiful spot. The open part is under a huge tree. The farther in you go, it becomes more overgrown. Parts are under a couple of trees with a lot of moss hanging down. Very pretty.

A sad part about this cemetery is the many, many unknown burials. Some of these graves are marked only by mounds of dirt. On the page I set up for this cemetery, you will find a video showing this.

In addition to the unknown burials video, I have a 360° pan video, transcriptions of the stones, and more photos. Please stop by and take a look.
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