26 August 2008

Maplewood & Other Graves County, Kentucky Cemeteries

I heard about Maplewood Cemetery in Mayfeld, Graves County, Kentucky from Susan at Life in a Box. She wrote a nice entry about the cemetery and some of its more infamous stones. One in particluar is the "procession which never moves." It's the WOOLRIDGE family plot in which every member is represented by a statue. I would love to see it.

After following a link Susan provided in her entry to the City of Mayfield website, I was happy to find more information on Maplewood Cemetery. What was even more exciting was the other burial records and cemetery information they have. Onsite, they have records for Maplewood, Highland Park, and Oak Rest cemeteries. Furthermore, they link to a page listing all the cemeteries in Graves County as well as their locations. Very nice.

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