27 September 2008

Burial Plots for UGA Lettermen Available Near Stadium

Now I really believe this is a new trend. It was recently reported that a European futbol team was starting their own cemetery. Not long after, a cemetery decided to devote a section to Chicago Cubs fans. Now this:

"Burial Plots for UGA Lettermen Available Near Stadium.
Lettermen’s association to unveil "Bulldog Haven," an area within cemetery next to stadium.
By Chip Towers
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Athens — Georgia football lettermen have always said, "once a Bulldog, a Bulldog for life." Now, it seems, that distinction can extend even into death.

The Georgia Football Lettermen’s Club is doing something that, insofar as anybody can tell, has never been done before even in the football-crazed Deep South. It will unveil to its membership Saturday the opening of “Bulldog Haven,” a designated area of burial plots within famous Oconee Hill Cemetery next to Sanford Stadium reserved in death only for those who have worn the uniform, their coaches and their families." READ MORE.

Southern Graves Home

Oconee Hill Cemetery Website


Brian said...

Actual website for the cemetery is www.bulldoghaven.org.

S. Lincecum said...


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