25 October 2008

Honoring Fallen 14 with "Quiet Strength"

Mark Berman at the Washington Post wrote a nice article about a tribute paid to fourteen soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.

"Arlington National Cemetery: Honoring Fallen 14 with 'Quiet Strength'
Four Black Hawk helicopters skimmed overhead against the backdrop of a gray, cloudy sky. Below, more than 150 people brought together by tragedy and united in grief gathered yesterday to pay tribute to 14 soldiers honored at Arlington National Cemetery..."

The soldiers were killed August 2007 in Iraq. They were between the ages of 20 and 30 and represented 11 states.

I am proud of all these soldiers, I thank them for their service and sacrifice, and I pray for all their families. For the purpose of this blog, I will point out the soldiers that represent the southern states.

- Capt. Corry P. Tyler, age 29, of Woodbine, GA;
- Chief Warrant Officer 2 Paul J. Flynn, age 28, of Whitsett, NC;
- Spec. Tyler R. Seideman, age 20, of Lincoln, Ark.;
- Spec. Rickey L. Bell, age 21, of Caruthersville, MO;
- Sgt. Garrett I. McLead, age 23, of Rockport, TX;
- Cpl. Jessy G. Pollard, age 22, of Springfield, MO

Read the entire article here.

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