11 October 2008

Jackson County, MO Cemeteries are Rich in History and Lore

I do not live near this area and have never been to any of these cemeteries. This is a good article about their local, historical cemeteries.

"Jackson County [Missouri] Cemeteries are Rich in History and Lore
By Sheila Davis
The Examiner

Jackson County — For whatever reason, we just don’t seem to give our loved ones the kind of burials that our ancestors did.

A spare slab with an even sparer inscription says, “Yes, I love you dear. I’ll be back on Memorial Day.” But some of the grand old markers and monuments make total strangers stop and wonder, “Hey, who is this person? What’s their story?”

Here, with advice from John Mark Lambertson, director of the National Frontier Trails Museum, and Gary Toms, reference assistant at the Midwest Genealogy Center, are The Examiner’s Top 10 best Jackson County cemeteries to visit to appreciate the art of the tombstone as well as some local history." READ MORE

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