12 November 2008

Annie Lou Nash's Cenotaph

The recent discussion regarding cenotaphs begun by Amy at Amy's Genealogy Blog, as well as a bit of curiosity about a stone I recently found prompted this post.

In Sardis Cemetery located in Bibb County, Georgia, I came across the cenotaph transcribed here -

In Memory of Our Mother
Annie Lou Nash
Who Was Interred In Trinidad, Colo.
Feb 23, 1919

What peaked my interest was the distance between Trinidad, Colorado and Macon, Georgia. That's some 1400 miles!

Surrounding gravestones suggest Annie Lou was married to T. A. Nash, as his stone refers to him as "Our Father."

I tried to do a little digging to find out more about Annie and T. A., but I had no luck. I'm going to post transcriptions of the surrounding gravestones that I believe are family members here in hopes that someone might want to fill me in on what led the Nash family from Colorado to Georgia.

Emma Lou Nash
Oct 18, 1900
Dec 30, 1976

T. A. Nash
Oct 15, 1872
May 29, 1949
Our Father

B. E. Nash
May 24, 1902
July 26, 1942
At Rest

Audra Nash Colquitt
Aug 28, 1904
July 6, 1993

William S. Colquitt
Mar 17, 1902
Feb 3, 1973

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Terry Thornton said...

Interesting --- given the date, 1919, how easy was it to transport bodies over that distance for burial in "home" ground? Hope you find some answers as to "why?"


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