10 November 2008

New Bibb County, GA Cemetery Ordinance Draws National Attention

This is a very interesting article. With the "going green" movement, this won't be the last one we see.

New Bibb Cemetery Ordinance Draws National Attention
By Jennifer Burk
"A new law that will make it tougher to build new cemeteries and will prohibit natural burials in Bibb County has drawn national attention." READ MORE.

Southern Graves Home

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Terry Thornton said...

Stephanie, Thanks for this link to a very important issue. I strongly recommend that everyone follow the link to the article and read it.

Whereas the "going green" phrase is so simplistic (but better than "carbon footprint" I'll admit) as to be mind numbing, I see nothing wrong with a natural burial in a shroud only. Natural decomposition would be far better than all of the preserving fluids and materials making up a "leak proof" coffin.

Thanks for calling this ordinance and debate to our attention; I hope that all of the members of the Association of Graveyard Rabbits will read your article.


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