04 November 2008

She Hath Done What She Could

Today's epitaph is not an uncommon one. She hath done what she could can be seen on several tombstones in my area of the southern U.S. I saw it most recently on the gravestone for Fannie W. Heard at Sardis Cemetery in Bibb County, Georgia. One thing that is not often seen, though, is the chapter and verse of the Bible scripture from which this phrase comes - Mark 14:8.

While I knew it was scripture from the Bible, I was ignorant as to exactly where it was located and to what it applied (sorry, Grandma). When I got out my Bible and looked it up, the epitaph became even more poignant.

Chapter 14 of the Gospel of Mark is about the plot to kill Jesus. I'm not going to go into full detail. Just know the woman spoke of in verse 8 came and poured perfume on the head of Jesus, and the people around her wondered why she wasted such expensive perfume. Jesus replied in verse 8: "She did what she could. She poured perfume on my body beforehand to prepare for my burial." He goes on to say in verse 9: "I tell you the truth, wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her."

I hope all of that means the life stories and memories of Mrs. Fannie W. Heard live on today.

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Amy said...

"She hath done what she could" is on my great-great grandmothers stone. She's buried in Oklahoma. Thanks for the insight on the phrase.


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