28 January 2009

Acronyms on Military Gravestones

Sometimes I have trouble reading military gravestones. They oftentimes contain acronyms (or abbreviations, whichever is the correct term) that I just cannot figure out. Here's one from Magnolia Park Cemetery; Warner Robins, Houston County, Georgia I found especially difficult to decipher:

Robert C. Countryman
World War I
Jan 6, 1892 - Aug 30, 1953

The only thing I thought I had was "training center" at the end of line three. I turned to my retired Air Force father for help (thanks, Dad). Here's what he came up with:

"From my Army friends:

Pvt = Private
GP =
MTD = Motor Transport Corps Division
MG = Machine Gun
TNG CEN = Training Center

Don't know about the GP. It doesn't seem to fit but is related to the 6 which is for 6th Army. Could be general purpose."

Anyone else have a go-to resource for better understanding the abbreviations on military gravestones?

1 comment:

Aimee Davis said...

GP stands for Group. He was in the 6th Group of that Division

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