26 January 2009

Not Wives, but Sisters

David E. Corder is buried in Magnolia Park Cemetery; Warner Robins, Houston County, Georgia. According to his marker, David was born 4 February 1890 and died 27 December 1952. Two graves next to his are Pearl Corder Kirkland (31 Jan 1885 - 13 Nov 1971) and Nancy E. Corder (29 Jan 1872 - 15 Jan 1959).

Giving all the dates on the stones, we might conclude Nancy and Pearl were wives of David. Pearl could've simply married again after his death. However, what appears to be the case is not always the case...

1900 US Federal Census
District 14, Lower Fifth, Militia District #769, Houston County, Georgia
Sheet 12B
14 June 1900
Dwelling 249 (line 51)
Corder, William M. (head) b. Apr 1852 - m. 28 yrs - b. Georgia - parents b. South Carolina, occ. Farmer
Corder, Maryan (wife) b. Aug 1855 - m. 28 yrs - 7 children (5 living) - b. Georgia
Corder, Nannie (dau) b. Feb 1873, Georgia
Corder, Pearl (dau) b. Jan 1885, Georgia
Corder, David (son) b. Feb 1890, Georgia

From that census entry, it seems Nancy and Pearl are David's sisters. Let's keep going.

1910 US Federal Census
District 47, Wellston, M. D. 769, Houston County, Georgia
20 April 1910
Corder, Wm (head) age 68 - m1 39 yrs - b. Georgia - parents b. South Carolina - occ. General Farming
Corder, Ann (wife) age 56 - m1 39 yrs - 7 children (4 living) - b. Georgia
Corder, Nannie (dau) age 35 - b. Georgia
Corder, David (son) age 19 - b. Georgia

And one more to be sure:

1930 US Federal Census
Lower Fifth, M. District 769, Houston County, Georgia
Sheet 10 A
22 April 1930
Dwelling 195 (line 46)
Corder, David (head) age 42 - b. Georgia - occ. General Farming
Corder, Nannie (sister) age 57 - b. Georgia
Kirkland, Pearl (sister) age 43 - widowed - b. Georgia
Kirkland, Arthur (nephew) age 10 - b. Georgia
Kirkland, Laddie (nephew) age 9 - b. Georgia

Yes! Nancy E. and Pearl Kirkland were the sisters of David E. Corder. It always pays to further investigate and confirm relationships. Sometimes gravestones don't tell us everything, but are clues to follow to get you closer to the truth.

David E. Corder can also be found in the 1920 census (Houston Co, GA). Listed with him was his sister Nancy, his mother Mary Ann, and more nieces and nephews. I think Mr. Corder spent his life caring for just about his entire family. It seems he was a very generous man.


Deb said...

This is my grandfather's family, in particular his mother Nettie Pearl Corder Kirkland and I am doing genealogy research on this family as we speak. Great article and thanks so much for the information.

S. Lincecum said...

I thank you for stopping by! :-) I'm glad the post was helpful to you.

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