06 February 2009

Brad Paisley Concert & Linwood Cemetery (Road Trip #2 of 5)

Road Trip #2 started with a surprise. You see, my Aunt really enjoys Billy Currington. I'll say it again, she REALLY enjoys him. A few years ago, Mr. Currington was on tour as the opening act for Brad Paisley. They came to Columbus, Georgia, and my uncle surprised my Aunt with tickets to the show. In fact, enough tickets were purchased to enable me, my Aunt, my Mom, my Sister-in-Law, and my Niece to go. Woo Hoo! [On a side note, I'm sure my uncle was happy he didn't have to go. The whole method to madness thing.]

We all piled into the SUV and headed south. We were fortunate to be staying overnight after the concert, so we would not have to drive the long way home that same evening. My brother graciously got us room in the Marriott. This was a treat for two reasons. #1 - it was in an old building, and I just love that. The hotel was built (with refurbished, original brick) around a restored cotton mill that began operations in 1861. #2 - there was a Starbucks in the hotel.

The concert was great; we whooped and hollered for at least a couple of hours. I enjoyed Billy Currington, and Brad Paisley blew me away.

The next morning, with Caramel Macchiatos in hand, we headed out. I honestly do not remember how we ended up at a cemetery. I do remember us attempting to visit the Civil War Museum. We rode by, but it was closed. However it happened, we ended up at Linwood...

Per the marker: "A part of the 1828 plan of Columbus, Linwood Cemetery contains graves of pioneer citizens and their descendants, as well as the tombs of some 200 Confederate soldiers."

I'm one of "those people." I like to "touch history" whenever I can. -- "This gun was one of the battery of the Confederate Ram, built in Columbus, captured and burned by Wilson Raiders Apr 16, 1865."

My young niece even got involved. How cool is that!

Thanks for following me to Linwood Cemetery in Columbus, Georgia!


Dorene from Ohio said...

What amazing monuments you have captured in your photos! Wonderful post!

S. Lincecum said...

Thank-you, Dorene!

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