23 March 2009

All Saints & All Hallows, Maryland

Maryland doesn't actually qualify as a "southern" state, but I thought I'd share some photos and inscriptions from a couple of cemeteries anyway.

"All Saints Episcopal Church

All Saints, one of the original parishes of Maryland, included all the land north of Hunting Creek in Calvert County. The present church was started in 1774 by exchange of tobacco under the rectorship of Reverand Thomas John Clagett, later the first bishop consecrated on American soil."

Here are a few BOWIEs in the cemetery:

Yates Kent Bowie
Feb 23, 1877
Dec 22, 1955

Catherine Bowie Belt
Jan 5, 1937
He leadeth me

In Loving Memory
My Beloved Son
William B. Bowie
June 5, 1873
Dec 17, 1916
In That Morn That Angel Face Will Smile
Which I Have Loved Long Since And Lost - Awhile

"All Hallows Church
All Hallows Parish, South River, one of the original thirty parishes created by law in 1692 when the Anglican Church was established in Maryland. The present early Georgian church was built c.1730. Several prominent London Town merchants are buried in the churchyard. Mason Locke Weems (Rector 1784-90), early biographer of George Washington, originated the legend of the Cherry Tree."

I found the following on an end of a low brick wall bordering the church:

In Memoriam
Oden Bowie Duckett
1871 - 1940

1 comment:

ebentley57 said...

Old timers in Clavert CO might very well call themselves Southerners. After all the rest of us MDers (am from Montogomery CO) call that part SOUTHERN MD. Of course it depends who you're talking to and where you're standing and which side the family took... Bowie & Duckett old MD names. DO so miss the history out here in the PNW.
1/2 my family is from the SC upstate and So fork Catawba R Carolina state line area

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