18 March 2009

Jene Delmar, Billboard Publishing Company

Jene Delmar
Sept 21, 1895 - Mar 31, 1961
Magnolia Park Cemetery
Warner Robins, Houston County, Georgia

I think I found Jene's World War II draft registration card. If so, Mr. Delmar was a Yankee that moved South!

This states Jene was born in Malone, New York. His place of residence was described as "Lives in a Trailer. Always on Road." Jene used his employer's mailing address as contact information - "Billboard Publishing Company, 2527 Opera Place, Cinnci., Ohio."

I wonder what drew Mr. Delmar to central Georgia.


SLBushway said...


My name is Shawn Bushway and I am researching the disappearance of a great uncle named Rock Napoleon Leblanc. Rock was born in 1896 in Burlington Vermont and failed to show up at family events in the early 40s.
This morning I was provided a copy of his WW2 draft registration completed in 1946 and it states that he was working at the Billboard Publishing Company, 5 Opera Place, Cincinnati Ohio. He doesn't say what he did other than the primary business was "show business".
Researching the company I came across this post and was wondering if you could tell me more about the publishing company to include who I may contact to get more information.
My personal email is SLBushway@aol.com and I would love to hear from you or anyone connected to Mr. Delmar as it would seem he was working at the publishing company at the same time my great uncle was.
Thanks in advance,

S. Lincecum said...

Hi, Shawn!

I'm sorry to say I have no other information about the Billboard Publishing Company. My first thought in the slight research I did for Mr. Delmar was that he was a traveling salesman of some sort. "Show business" never crossed my mind. Wouldn't that be interesting!

SLBushway said...

Thanks for responding to my post :). I think there's a possibility that Mr. Delmar and Rock traveled made their money traveling with the circus. In just so happens that the Billboard spent a great deal of paper on covering the circus, the acts, their schedules etc. If I find out anything interesting I'll let you know. Thanks again for the response.

Take care,

tracy said...

I am looking for information on a great-uncle named Henry Sebert Gambill who listed Billboard Publishing Co. on his WWII draft regestration in Ohio in 1942. Family stories say he worked for a circus. If you have any information please contact me at tetris420@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Debbe Ja said...

I have info on jene delmar. My great uncle. debbeja@ Hotmail . com

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