07 June 2009

Want to Take a City's Pulse? Head for the Graveyard.

The above is the title of a 4 May 2008 article published at guardian.co.uk. I found the article by using www.thefreelibrary.com, a link which was shared via a Diigo Group.

The author of the article is not given at The Free Library, but I love some of the words he or she used when describing cemeteries:

Forget landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building or the Colosseum; cemeteries are the punctuation marks in between, quiet islands amid the city racket. A great one is an architectural jewel in its own right, a Vanity Fair party of spot-the-dead-celebrity, a stark warning from history, a store of cracking anecdotes or a life-affirming communion with past generations.

Above all, I love cemeteries because they make the past tangible, like a fading photograph or great-grandmother's hairbrush.

Also mentioned in the article are the Highgate Cemetery in London, the Pierre-Lachaise in Paris, and the Normandy American Cemetery & Memorial. Check it out!

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