25 July 2009

Favorite Southern Graves

The prompt for the latest Graveyard Rabbit Carnival is "favorite cemetery-related photo," and the one above would certainly be one for me. I actually used it in my very first carnival post, Smile for the Camera, Grandpa, more than seven months ago.

A quote from that post: "The photo above features my handsome grandfather atop a PEAVY gravestone. My mother and I took him some time ago to pay respects to some cousins at their final resting places. These graves were approximately 10 miles from his home, and he was not aware of them. I was so happy to show him these and other spots related to his cousins around town. Pa had stopped to take a breather while Mom and I were a short distance away documenting some other stones. I saw him, handed Mom the camera, and asked her to snap a photo. I think she got a great one."

Picking a favorite cemetery-related photo wasn't exactly easy. I enjoy visiting cemeteries so much, and I more often than not have a favorite photo from each cemetery versus a favorite photo overall. So I decided to leave you with a slideshow featuring some of my favorite southern graves:

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Life Goes On said...

beautiful pictures thank you for sharing

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