29 August 2009

"Pattie's Grave" (And a Saturday Slideshow)

Oakview Cemetery located on Cotton Avenue in Albany, Dougherty County, Georgia has many beautiful monuments. The one I am sharing with you today is that of Martha Jones. The front side of her stone simply says "Pattie's Grave." If you continue to walk around her towering steeple and angel, you will learn more information about Mrs. Jones. (That's actually a good lesson to note: always be sure to check the sides and back of a tombstone whenever possible. You never know what you might find.) In this case, etched on each side of Martha's gravestone was a vital moment in her life. Here is the entire inscription:

Pattie's Grave

Martha Dillon Wright,
Born in Augusta, Georgia,
October 17, 1833.

Married to Edwin Thomas Jones
At Appling, Columbia County, Georgia,
April 4, 1850.

Died at the Plantation of Her Husband,
In Dougherty County, Georgia,
July 2, 1860,
Aged 26 Years, 8 Months and 26 Days.

I took so many pictures of Pattie's Grave. I put together a slideshow for you, in the hope of doing the sculpture justice. I wanted so badly to remove the flowers and photograph the angel without them, but I restrained myself.

26 August 2009

Savannah's Catholic Cemetery Vandalized

25 August 2009

Beneath This Stone is Interred the Dust which was Once a Lovely Form (Tombstone Tuesday)

I found this unique stone in Oakview Cemetery in Albany, Georgia. This young lady was obviously well loved and missed, and her epitaph says as much.

Consecrated To The Memory Of
Nella Vason Jones
Beloved Daughter Of Edward V. & Marla M. Jones
Who Departed This Life The
30th Day Of November 1968
Aged 19 Years

Fair Stranger Whose Feet Have
Wandered To This Land Of Silence
Contemplate This Stone. Beneath
It Is Interred The Dust Which Was
Once A Lovely Form, Inhabited By
A Mind Superior In Intelligence
Worth And Amiableness To Most
Of Her Sex. As A Daughter, Sister
Or Friend Few Whom she Left Behind
Can Boast So Bright An Example.

19 August 2009

Age 103 -- Amazing Grace, Indeed (Wordless Wednesday)

16 August 2009

Fred McDaniel Died in Unusual Manner

This Woodmen of the World memorial is for Fred McDaniel. He was born 9 April 1883 to Paul and Minnie McDaniel, died 23 February 1919, and was laid to rest in Hillcrest Cemetery (aka Reynolds City Cemetery); Taylor County, Georgia. A devastating family tragedy befell Mr. McDaniel at the age of 35.

24 February 1919
Macon Weekly Telegraph, Georgia
Trigger Pulled By Baby, Father Shot
Fred McDaniel, Who Lives Near Reynolds, Seriously Wounded in Unusual Manner.

REYNOLDS, Feb 23 -- A very unusual sort of accident occurred this morning, when Fred McDaniel was accidentally shot at his home one mile west of Reynolds. McDaniel had just returned from the field where he had gone to shoot birds, when his wife drove in from town in their automobile, and they had paused in the yard, talking. While thus engaged McDaniel allowed the shot-gun to lean against his person, and their three-year-old child, who was playing about them, got a hand on the trigger, causing the gun to fire. The load entered McDaniel's body just under and a little to the fron of the right shoulder, penetrating the right lung. Physicians hold out slight hope for his recovery.

McDaniel belongs to a prominent family of this section, and is widely connected. He has been engaged in the garage business for several years, being employed at the time of the accident in the garage of Ed Musselwhite.
Buried next to Fred McDaniel in Hillcrest Cemetery is Ola McDaniel Edwards (1886-1942). Ola was Fred's wife at the time of the accident. After his death, Ola moved to Russel County, Alabama. She later married Sylvester Edwards and lived the rest of her days in Bibb County, Georgia. Upon her death, she was brought back to Reynolds to be laid to rest next to her first husband.

An interesting note: census records suggest Fred was a half-brother to Eva McDaniel who was written about a few days ago on this blog.

15 August 2009

Henry Stanford Trawick & Family

This pedestal tombstone with an urn top is located in Hillcrest Cemetery (aka Reynolds City Cemetery); Taylor County, Georgia. I was a little confused by it, at first. On one side, there is an inscription for H. S. Trawick, born April 19, 1860, Fell Asleep ______ & S. W. Trawick, born Mch 28, 1866, Fell Asleep ______. I've seen many stones for couples with one death date missing, of course, but having both death dates never inscribed is much less common. There are two gravestones on the ground beside this larger memorial with completed dates, however. Henry S. Trawick died 21 April 1915, and Susie Waters Trawick died 14 December 1911.

Another side of the large tombstone has inscriptions for two more individuals. M. D. Waters (son of E. B. & Mary C. Waters; likely brother of Susie Waters Trawick) was born 4 July 1872 and "fell asleep" 5 June 1901. L. W. Trawick was born 18 February 1885 and "fell asleep" 3 March 1901. I think L. W. might be a child of Henry and Susie, but I cannot be sure.

I imagine the large tombstone was erected around 1901 for M. D. Waters and L. W. Trawick. Maybe it was at that time Henry and Susie Trawick decided to be buried in Reynolds, as it is possible their birth dates were inscribed on the stone at the same time. Ten years later, Susie would pass away in Columbus, Georgia, where the Trawicks had recently moved from Reynolds. Four years after her death, Henry would pass away at his home in Russell county, Alabama. Reynolds still was to be their final resting place.

21 April 1915
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Georgia

Mr. Henry S. Trawick, aged 54 years, died suddenly this morning at 5 o'clock at his home in Russell county, about ten miles west of Columbus, from an attack of acute indigestion.

It was stated this morning that Mr. Trawick was in his usual state of good health yesterday and last night he was feeling a little bad with indigestion and took a few home remedies, thinking that he would be all right this morning. About 12 o'clock, his son, Paul Trawick, went into his room to inquire about him and his father states that he was feeling better. His younger son, Dudley, slept with him and woke up this morning before 5 o'clock and went out to the kitchen and told the cook that he did not like the way his father was looking, and the family went into his room and found him dead.

Mr. Trawick was one of the largest planters in this section of Alabama, and was well known throughout the county and in Columbus, where he had a large number of close friends. He was a good man, standing for the very best of everything and was held in the highest esteem by all with whom he was acquainted.

Surviving Mr. Trawick are two sons, Messrs. Paul and Dudley Trawick, of Russell county, and one daughter, Mrs. Kinsel Berry, of Columbus. Mrs. Trawick passed away several years ago at her home in Wynnton, shortly after moving to Columbus from Reynolds, Ga.

The remains will be carried to Reynolds, Ga, this evening at 10 o'clock, where the funeral and interment will be conducted tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock.

Their many friends both in Columbus and Russell county deeply sympathize with the family in their hours of sad bereavement.

Discover you family history through historical newspapers at Newspapers.com

14 August 2009

By Fate to Earth, & By Faith to Heaven: Mary Ella Ruffin

Today's epitaph:

Mary Ella
Wife of G. T. Ruffin
Oct 30, 1864
Dec 17, 1912
By fate to earth,
By faith to heaven allied;
She lived to bless,
But to be blessed she died

You Guessed It!

More photos from Hillcrest Cemetery (aka Reynolds City Cemetery) in Taylor County, Georgia added to Flickr. I'm now up to over 40! View photostream.

13 August 2009

Through All Pain She Smiled

Sacred to the memory of Eva McDaniel, 1 July 1897 - 3 August 1915. She was a daughter of Paul E. and Minnie Windham McDaniel. All three are buried in Hillcrest Cemetery (aka Reynolds City Cemetery); Taylor County, Georgia.

Eva was a young woman of eighteen years when she was killed in a car accident in Andersonville, Georgia. Here are a couple accounts of the accident. Newspapers were viewed online via GenealogyBank.

Macon Weekly Telegraph, Georgia
4 August 1915
Miss Eva McDaniel Victim of Accident at Andersonville

ANDERSONVILLE, Aug 3 -- An automobile containing five prominent young people of Reynolds and Oglethorpe overturned in a sand bed here at 7 o'clock tonight, killing one of the young women and injuring four other persons.

The dead:
Miss Eva McDaniel of Reynolds, killed by being thrown from the car. She gained her feet after the accident but dropped over dead. Her body was bot bruised.

The injured:
Eugene Saunders, driver of the car, of Reynolds; jaw broken and right eye crushed, believed to be fatally injured. Taken to Americus hospital.

Daniel Payne, of Reynolds, severely bruised.

Miss Bessie Rogers, of Oglethorpe, bruised.

Miss Imogene Anthony, of Reynolds, bruised.

Four of the young people left Reynolds yesterday afternoon at 1 o'clock to attend a baseball game at Americus, between the Montezuma and Dawson teams. They stopped at Oglethorpe and picked up Miss Rogers. They didn't attend the ball game as planned.

They left Americus shortly after 6 o'clock this evening on their return home. According to eye witnesses of the accident the car was making terrific speed as it approached Andersonville. The machine was going down a hill, at the bottom of which was a bridge. The auto struck a sand bed, however, before it reached the bridge and the car turned completely over. Miss McDaniel was thrown clear of the car and Saunders was pinioned under the frame. The other occupants were hurled some distance from the machine and the young women in the party stunned.

Mr. Payne recovered from the shock and hastened to the overturned car, lifting the machine off Saunders. His act undoubtedly prolonged, possibly saved, the life of Saunders.

Saunders was taken to the hospital at Americus where at a late hour tonight doctors began an operation in hope of saving his life. His condition was considered critical.

Miss McDaniel was the daughter of Minnie McDaniel, prominently known at Reynolds. All of the young people belong to prominent families."

6 August 1915
"Funeral Held for Auto Wreck Victim
REYNOLDS, Aug 5 -- The funeral of Miss Eva McDaniel, a victim of the serious automobile accident at Andersonville Tuesday evening, when a heavy car driven by Eugene Saunders overturned as it descended a hill at high speed, was held here this afternoon. Rev. Z. T. Weaver, of Perry, conducted the services, and afterwards the body was interred in the Reynolds cemetery.

Messages at noon today from the bedside of Mr. Saunders, who lies in a hospital at Americus with both jawbones crushed, are to the effect that he is doing as nicely as possible. His youth is in his favor, physicians say.

Miss Imogene Anthony, another of the party in the wrecked car, is suffering from internal injuries, and her condition, while not critical, is considered serious."

Eva McDaniel's marble ledger gravestone contains the following epitaph:

Through all pain she smiled,
A smile of Heavenly birth,
And when the angels called her home,
She smiled farewell to earth.

12 August 2009

Double Column, Arch, & Urn with a French Vase (Wordless Wednesday)

10 August 2009

Death Certificates & Floating Memories

Just a couple of quick notes:

(1) The Georgia State Archives has added Non-Indexed Death Certificates, 1928-1930 to Georgia's Virtual Vault. From the site: "This Death Certificate search system is provided as an interim solution until the records for 1928-1930 can be indexed and added to the Death Certificate Collection. Many users have asked for these records, so we are providing them with scanned images of the original Vital Records index."

Thanks to Lowcountry Africana for posting this to the Georgia Root Diggers group at GenealogyWise.

(2) Some of you might remember that I often read The Daily Undertaker blog. I would like to highlight another of his posts, Floating Memories: A Ghost Month Tradition in America. It is an interesting subject with beautiful photos and an equally beautiful video from Hawaii. Check it out!

09 August 2009

Marshall Family Monument

"In Loving Remembrance of Our Family Wherever Burried"

I like that. It also makes me wonder if there is a story behind it. Hmmm...

08 August 2009

Clasped Hands: The Devil is in the Details

"Clasped Hands," "Hands Together," and "Shaking Hands" are phrases used to describe the image below. This particular image was carved into the upper part of a pedestal tombstone with a vaulted roof erected in Hillcrest Cemetery; Reynolds, GA for Tempie Hill.

This symbol has a few accepted meanings. A heavenly welcome, an earthly farewell, simple unity, or friendship.

If you look a little more closely, you will notice the sleeve attached to one hand is feminine, and the sleeve attached to the other hand is masculine. These hands, carved in this way, symbolize holy matrimony.

I have seen the clasped hands symbol fairly often when perusing tombstones. Often enough, that I have gotten a little "used to it." I looked at this particular stone several times while at the cemetery, and I have looked at the photos I took several times more. Only when I enlarged the clasped hands image did I notice one was feminine and one was masculine. When researching tombstones, details do matter. This particular stone was easy to read. The next one might not be. Every little clue counts!

Tempie McDaniel
Wife of J. G. Hill
Born Oct 8, 1872
Died Jan 9, 1906

Hillcrest Cemetery (aka Reynolds City Cemetery)
Taylor County, Georgia

Click here for more Cemetery Symbolism.

07 August 2009

This Week the Photostream is Just a Trickle

Not a whole lot, but some is better than none! --> Added several more photos from Hillcrest Cemetery (aka Reynolds City Cemetery); Taylor County, Georgia to Flickr. View photostream.

05 August 2009

Today's Epitaph: Fannie Powell's Sleeping Dust

Fannie Hill
Wife of W. I. Powell
Born Oct 5, 1864
Died Aug 5, 1895
Kind angels watch her sleeping dust,
Till Jesus comes to raise the just;
Then may she wake with sweet surprise,
And in her Saviour's image rise.

Hillcrest Cemetery (aka Reynolds City Cemetery)
Taylor County, Georgia

Did you notice the death date? Mrs. Powell died 114 years ago today.

04 August 2009

Tombstone Tuesday: Irbane Heustess Ingram

Irbane Heustess
Son of George & Julia Ingram
Died Feb 5, 1900
Age 14 Yrs, 4 Mos

Hillcrest Cemetery (aka Reynolds City Cemetery)
Reynolds, Georgia

This has to be one of the most original names I have ever come across.
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