03 September 2009

Chief Justice Robert Henry Jordan

Just inside the entrance to Oak Hill Cemetery in Talbotton, Georgia is what looks to be an above ground vault for the Jordan family. While I think it was designed as such, it's likely a false crypt. This large, beautiful memorial is made of marble and contains the following inscriptions:
Robert Henry Jordan, Jr.
May 14, 1948
Oct 22, 1966
Chief Justice
Robert Henry Jordan
Feb 6, 1916
Oct 23, 1992
Court of Appeals of GA 1960-71
Supreme Court of GA 1971-82
Jean Ingram Jordan
Nov 5, 1923
June 10, 2005

Robert Jordan, Sr. also served in the GA State Senate from 1953-54 and 1959-60. He was born in Talbot County, Georgia and attended the University of Georgia. He served in the US Army 1941-45 and was the author of There Was a Land, a history of Talbot County, Georgia.

The Georgia General Assembly, in House Resolution 25, stated Robert Henry Jordan served his country with honor, was an outstanding legal scholar, and was an exemplary public servant. The portion of U.S. Highway 80 from downtown Talbotton, Georgia, east to the Taylor County line is designated as the Robert Henry Jordan Memorial Highway.

- Robert Henry Jordan, 1960-1972 at Court of Appeals of Georgia
- Robert Henry Jordan at Digital Commons of the UGA Law Library

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