04 September 2009

Freeman Family Obelisks

The obelisk, a form of Egyptian architecture that is said to represent a ray of sunlight, is fairly common in the southern cemeteries I have visited. What I don't see very often, though, is the double obelisk. I found an example of this in Oak Hill Cemetery, located in Talbotton, Talbot County, Georgia. This is a single stone, but there are two obelisks attached -- one for Mr. Freeman and one for Mrs. Freeman. Looking closely, you can see where both of these sculptures have been repaired. I don't know if this was due to vandalism or nature.


T. A. Freeman
Born July 26, 1851
Died July 2, 1906
There is a bright region above,
We long to reach its shore,
To join with the dear ones we love,
"Not lost, but gone before."

Martha I. Freeman
Apr 24, 1846
Dec 22, 1923

Nearby rests the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Freeman, Mattie Belle. She was but 2 Yrs. 2 Mos. 20 Days. Inscribed on the back of her stone is this: "She was but a jewel lent us, To sparkle in our midst awhile. Then God called and took His treasure, Before she knew an earthly guile."

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