29 September 2009

He was Endowed with Great Mental Powers (Tombstone Tuesday)

Rev. Jackson Park Turner
Of the Ga. Con. M. E. Ch. Sth.
Born Apr 9, 1823
Born Again Mar 18, 1841
Licensed Dec 18, 1841
Admitted to the Ga. Conf. 1842
Died July 24, 1854
He was endowed with great
mental powers which were
consecrated for 12 yrs to the
Gospel of Christ:  when he
closed a short career.

Photo © 2009 S. Lincecum
Oak Hill Cemetery; Talbotton, Talbot County, Georgia


Life Goes On said...

Interesting inscription. Any clue to branch of religion

S. Lincecum said...

I think the M. E. is Methodist Episcopal... Thanks for stopping by!

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