08 September 2009

Though Death Intrudes Between (Tombstone Tuesday)

The photo above was taken at Oak Hill Cemetery in Talbotton, Georgia. The four headstones prominent all belong to members of the RICHARDS family. From left to right - Mary Howard Richards (1883-1884), J. Howard Richards (1839-1895), Mary L. Richards, and William Clinton Richards (1878-1899). It is possible Mary Howard and William were children of J. and Mary L.

The stone for Mary L. Richards is the tallest and most detailed of the four. At the top is an open book. Some say this represents the human heart, opening its feelings to the world and God. I've always felt it to represent the Book of Life, the place where Christians believe their name is written when they receive Jesus as their Savior.

A nice sentiment is written to Mary on her stone as well. Here is the full inscription:

Thy Will Be Done
Mary L.
Wife of John H. Richards
July 23, 1846
Aug 8, 1905
Mother, you are not dead to us,
But as a bright star unseen,
We hold that you are ever near,
Though death intrudes between.

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