10 September 2009

Three Pretty Mathews All In a Row

Mrs. M. A. M. MacClellan
Born Sept 25, 1848
Died June 1, 1885

Mrs. L. C. Mathews
Born May 16, 1826
Died Feb 28, 1885
Hope looks beyond the bounds of time,
When what we now deplore,
Shall rise in full immortal prime,
And bloom to fade no more.

Jennie V. Mathews
Born March 10, 1857
Died Jan 8, 1881
Rest thee Jennie where the shadows wave
O'er thy early unexpected grave;
Weeping loved ones have not long to wait,
[_?_] they meet thee at the pearly gate.

The tombstones pictured above are found in Oak Hill Cemetery; Talbotton, Georgia.  The first, Mrs. Molly A. Mathews MacClellan, was daughter of Josiah M. and Lavenia C. Mathews.  The second is Lavenia C., wife of Josiah M. Mathews.  The third is Jennie V., another daughter of Josiah and Lavenia.

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