23 September 2009

We Interrupt this Blog for a Tired Old Song that Apparently Still Needs to be Repeated

Please give credit where credit is due. If you find a cemetery or tombstone photo on the internet, and you would like to add it to FindAGrave, please ask that person to donate the photo or get permission to post it yourself. That photo is not yours for the taking. What makes you think you are entitled to it? You have no idea what I had to clear from my path, wade through, or what bugs I had to get bitten by in order to obtain that photo.

I have recently found several of my photos on FindAGrave that I did not post there, nor did I give my permission to the person who did the posting. They were not all posted by the same person, so that means there are several individuals out there that think stealing is OK.

Why did you think the theft was necessary? If you found the photo all by your lonesome through linking or search engines, then chances are others could have found it, too. As much as I love FindAGrave, it is NOT the only place on the internet to find tombstone photos. Not everything is housed there, nor does everything have to be.

As I've already stated, I adore FindAGrave and will not make a stink about this with them or the individuals who committed the crime... at this time. I have made several hundred contributions to the site and will continue to do so.

Unfortunately, you are going to start finding an ugly copyright notice on more and more of my photos. You can thank the thieves for that.

Note: The Ask First! button was created by Lorelle VanFossen, and it is used with permission.


Thomas MacEntee said...


Good on you! I echo the sentiments in your post and I think just as new genealogists have a duty to understand the proper ways of research and source citation, so too do bloggers and other Internet users need to understand copyright laws and what is/isn't Fair Use.

It is not fun or an easy battle to enforce one's copyright and more and more is a necessary evil.

Gale Wall said...

I don't understand when people claim to be family historians or genealogists and refuse to be respectful, thankful and learn about copyright, just like you do [should]about sourcing. Just because it's on the web doesn't make it true or free for the taking!

If you are a fan of NCIS than you know about the slap on the back of the head I'd like to give out sometimes. And, no, I don't have anger issues. It's stupid people issues. (hee)

I hope you are able to work out a solution that benefits you. I love following your blogs and what you share with us. Thanks!

S. Lincecum said...

Thanks so much for the kind comment, Gale! I like NCIS, too. :-)

Julie Cahill Tarr said...

You go girl!!!

Life Goes On said...

I agree and am sorry to see one stealing your pictures. I also love findagrave and think it is a wonderful site. I would not of been able to have pictures of my husbands families gravestones. Some one in South Dakota went and took pictures for us in Texas to see. I post on my graveyard site and findagrave also and both take time. Going to the cemetery takes time. No one has the right to take your pictures or anyone elses for any reason without asking. I think you do need to address each of those individuals or they will be back. you can not be constantly policing your pictures. We need you out there taking wonderful pictures.

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...


Elizabeth said...

Boy do I hate when that happens! Just because something is on the internet does NOT mean it it free for the taking!

I once had an entire web site design (which took me several months to create, btw) "lifted" by someone who should have known better. The thief didn't even have the sense to remove my name and email, which were embedded in the code - DUH! - but yet kicked up a stink when I asked for a credit on "her" site.

Some people just don't get it. Thanks to you for bringing this old, tired song back out, but sorry that it needed to be sung. Again.

Terri O'Connell said...

There is a webite (and it escapes me at the moment) that embeds an image (that one cannot see) so that you can track what has happened to your photo's. Only problem, it is a costly service.

I do agree that you should also address this issue with the persons who have used your photo's without permission.

S. Lincecum said...

A big Thank-You to all who have visited and commented with support. This is not the 1st time this has happened to me, and I know it has happened to many of you as well...

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