06 October 2009

Here Lies All the Family (Tombstone Tuesday)

Here Lies All the Family
Husband, Wife, and two Sons.
Mrs. Elizabeth Armstrong
mother of
Mrs. Keziah Ford
To the Memory of
Hezekiah Ford
who departed this life
Nov 11th, 1838
In his 43rd year.
He left a wife and two
children to mourn their loss.
The two children
are now resting with th
blessed and good.

To the Memory of
Mrs. Keziah Ford
who departed this life
July 3rd, 1868
In her 73rd year.
She leaves many friends
and relatives to mourn her
loss, but her memory will ever
live in the hearts of those who
loved her dearly.

It was God that called, and
changed the storm of life to
endless peace. Farewell thou
loved one though thy dust
sleeps silent till the resurrection
morn, yet lives thy memory
with the one alone.

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sarahs said...

Talbot Co., GA, WB A
HEZEKIAH FORD, 11/6/1838:1/8/1839
wife: Keziah son: John son: Nathaniel "estate to be kept together until Nathaniel comes of then divided equally between sons. to: "Anna Coleman, wife of Joseph Coleman, of Fairfield Dist., S. C (relationship not stated) to father: Nathaniel Ford of S. /s/ Hezekiah Ford. Wits: Joseph Jackson; G. H. Daiman Sarah Jackson. Exrs: Wife, Keziah Ford; Francis of Harris Co., and Joseph Pou of Talbotton

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