13 October 2009

Interesting & Lovely Little Girl (Tombstone Tuesday)

Sacred to the Memory of
Floretta Virginia Delony
Second daughter of Edward & [Piannah?] Delony
who was born on the 3rd of May, 1833
and died the 2nd of Oct, 1835
aged 2 years & 3 months.
Edward Delony
was born in Mecklenburg Co, VA &
emigrated to Georgia in 1825. His wife
formerly [Piannah?] Shephard was
born in Morgan Co, GA where she was
married to him in Oct 1828.
Floretta Virginia
The interesting and lovely little girl to whose memory
these lines are inscribed was a dear sweet littl
child with the most tender and affectionate heart, she
was the fondest sympathies of her doting parents,
and oft she would run to her mother to renew her
soft kisses and tender little embrace, but she has gone
from this cold heartless world and now dwells in a
Paradise of Angels, a bright little cherub
chanting songs of praise to our eternal God.

This tombstone can be found in Oak Hill Cemetery; Talbot County, Georgia.


Life Goes On said...

What a beautiful old gravestone.

Elizabeth said...

So sad to see the graves of little children. Thanks for sharing.

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