10 October 2009

A Wealth of Walker & Nottingham Information

I absolutely love to find tombstones like these. Of course, I've never come across one that pertains to my family. Nonetheless, seeing an individual's lineage inscribed in granite is a genealogist's dream. Too bad there are no attached sources! :-)

I felt compelled to type it all here, hoping someone interested may stumble upon it.

Caroline Walker Nottingham (July 21, 1882 ~ Sept 8, 1963), a daughter of the Confederacy, was laid to rest next to her husband Eliot Theodore Nottingham (Sept 12, 1871 ~ Jan 4, 1961) in Roberta City Cemetery; Crawford County, Georgia. On the back of the granite family stone, the names and dates of 5 generations of Walkers and Nottinghams were inscribed:

Eliot T. Nottingham - Married Caroline Walker Nov 16, 1904 - Of This Union Was Born William Marshall Nottingham
Caroline W. Nottingham
Daughter of William J. Walker (1851-1911) & Annie R. Walker (1860-1932)
Granddaughter of Charles H. Walker (1812-1896) & Caroline E. Jones (1815-1880)
Great Granddaughter of William Walker (1762-1818) & Elizabeth Bostick (1770-1835)
Eliot T. Nottingham
Son of Theodore E. Nottingham (1846-1872) & Arabella T. Nottingham (1851-1910)
Grandson of Dr. Custis Bell Nottingham (1818-1876) & Rebecca V. Thompson Nottingham
Great Grandson of Jacob Nottingham & Sara Jarvis Bell Nottingham of Nothampton County, Virginia

Nearby is Caroline's grandfather and tie to the Confederacy, Pvt. Charles H. Walker, Sr.

Co A
8 GA Militia
Feb 15, 1812
Aug 24, 1896
Born Jefferson Co, GA
Died Crawford Co, GA

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