12 November 2009

Terry Mausoleum

This TERRY mausoleum is located in Riverside Cemetery; Asheville, North Carolina. It was erected for Franklin Silas Terry and his wife Lillian Estelle Slocomb. They were the owners of the grand estate in Black Mountain, NC called In-The-Oaks, named after the oak leaf in the SLOCOMB family coat of arms.

A beautiful characteristic of this mausoleum is the detailed bronze door.


Vance said...

Hi Stephanie,

Small world where cemetery prowlers are concerned, I suppose. I was looking to see what popped up on the 'net about Lillian Terry, a lady I've been researching off and on for years, when, lo and behold, a familiar name on a blog with lots of great info from Asheville's Riverside Cemetery.

Great work! Thank you so much and keep in touch. -Vance. P.S. I recently heard from some folks at the Houston County, GA D.A.R. who are looking to have the old Pollock cemetery there recognized and do additional research to determine if anything can be found of the older family burial grounds nearby where Rev. veteran Jesse Pollock is buried.

S. Lincecum said...

Thanks for the kind words, Vance! And I am so glad about the news from the Houston County DAR. Let me know how things progress.

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