11 December 2009

Dum Tacet Clamat

I've photographed many Woodmen of the World memorials, and I think this is the best image I've captured of their slogan, Dum Tacet Clamat. It translates to "though silent, he speaks."

Woodmen of the World is the largest fraternal benefit society with open membership in the United States. It is an insurance organization founded by Joseph Cullen Root in Omaha, Nebraska on the 6th of June, 1890.

The first certificate of membership was issued to William A. McCully of Independence, Kansas on the 29th of December, 1890. Six months later, Woodmen paid its first death claim on the life of teenager Willie O. Warner who drowned on the 14th of June, 1891, in Niles, Michigan.

Early Woodmen of the World policies provided for a death and a monument benefit. Gravestones were originally furnished to members for free and later were offered to those who purchased a $100 rider.

To learn more, visit "Woodmen of the World Memorials" on the Southern Graves website.

Note: The photo is of the treestone placed for Jesse H. Short (25 Sept 1878 - 25 Apr 1943) at the Waverly Hall Cemetery in Harris County, Georgia.


Mike McGraw said...

Kate and I found two or three Woodmen of the World grave markers in an old cemetery in Oregon City, OR. The "dum tacet clamat" phrase was badly weathered and only partially readable, but the markers are impressive: 5-foot tall "stumps".

S. Lincecum said...

I've seen them ranging from small to tall. The tall ones are indeed impressive.

Anonymous said...

I found 2 near my house in woosley cemetery south of Point TX. They were the first I've seen and definitely unique

John Huoni said...

If you are interested in photographing Woodmen of the World markers, I suggest you post them in the Woodmen of the World category at waymarking.com. There are currently 2,466 listed there and it is the groups goal for find and document ALL Woodmen of the World makers and related structures.

Stephanie Lincecum said...

Thanks for the tip, John!

Unknown said...

Found one in Columbus, OH greenlawn cemetery. Email me, if you would like a pic. Meekowenn at yahoo

Unknown said...

Found many in the cemeteries in Leadville Co

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