28 December 2009

I Wish I Could Credit the Carver of Susan's Tombstone

This wonderful piece of art is located at Waverly Hall Cemetery in Harris County, Georgia. The inscription:

In Memory Of
Susan A.
Consort Of Anderson G. Jones,
And Daughter of Wm & Catherine Whitehead
Born In Harris Co, GA Sept 5th, 1834,
And Died In Harris Co, GA Feby 2nd, 1861

A constant Christian,
a devoted Wife and fond

The few photos I have here do not do justice to the intricate carving involved. The vining work is very pretty. I looked for a signature, but did not notice one.


Lewis Powell IV said...

I saw this monument recently and was struck by it. There's a similar monument in Linwood Cemetery dedicated to Georgia Mustian. It also has the addition of a child lying under the wreath at the top. Mary Jane Galer and Linda Kennedy, who wrote a book about Linwood, credit this stone to Henry McCauley of Columbus, though that stone is unsigned as well. His work often features finely carved flowers.

S. Lincecum said...

Thanks for the info, Lewis! I have been to Linwood a couple of times and have several photos of the Mustian tombstone. It's a definite work of art. Kudos to Mr. McCauley!

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