30 December 2009

Southern Epitaphs (& My Most Recent Favorite)

It's no secret. If you follow this blog (and I hope you do!), then you know I like epitaphs. I often highlight the ones I find particularly touching in some way.

I started collecting the epitaphs some time ago and placing them in a database online using the blog format. I am attempting to categorize and uncover meanings. If you'd like to check it out, it's here --> Southern Epitaphs.

By the way, here's my latest favorite. It was found at the Waverly Hall Cemetery in Harris County, Georgia.

Seaborn K. O'Neal
Born Sept 20th, 1838
Died June 3rd, 1871

Oh! could you but see my repose
Where dangers no more shall annoy,
Your feelings you then would compose,
And think of me only in joy.


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