14 February 2010

Sunday Slideshow - Centerville Cemetery in the Snow (A Valentine's Day Gift for Me & You)

I've always been just a wee bit jealous of people who lived in places that got a yearly snowfall. Not because I like the white stuff, but because I've wanted to take pictures at a cemetery under a blanket of snow. I think the images are beautiful.

Yesterday I got my wish! Late Friday we received about 5 inches of snow. It was almost gone in 24 hours, but I managed to get to the cemetery when it was still well covered.

I literally said "Thank-you, God" before I even got out of my car at the cemetery. The landscape was breathtakingly beautiful. Since Valentine's Day is all about love, and I love my cemeteries, I believe this was His Valentine's Day gift to me. If you love cemeteries like me, then the following slideshow of some of the photos I took are my Valentine's Day gift to you. I hope you enjoy them.

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