04 March 2010

In Case You Missed It -- February 2010

Here are the most popular posts from the last thirty days.

- Sacred to the Memory of Mr. Jared Bates (Today's Epitaph)

- Pvt. Henry Chaple Survived Andersonville

- Mrs. Hannah E. Howard (Tombstone Tuesday)

- John Buckley & the Congressional Medal of Honor (Tombstone Tuesday)

- New "Featured Articles" Page

- Here Lieth Mary, Never was Contrary... (Today's Epitaph)

- The Forgotten Ones

- Sunday Slideshow -- Centerville Cemetery in the Snow (A Valentine's Day Gift for Me & You)

- Is that a Pillow Carved on Top of Bernice's Tombstone?

- A 60 Year Search Results in a Heart-Breaking Find

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