08 June 2010

Here Lies the Body of Susannah (Tombstone Tuesday)

Here Lies the Body of
Wife of Williams Brown
Born in Jones County, No-Carolina
12th March 1803
Died in Houston County, Georgia
17th March 1847
In the 45th Year of her age.
We miss thee from a band so dear,
That gathers round our hearth.
We listen still to hear thy name
Amid our household mirth.
We gaze upon thy vacant chair,
Thy form we seem to see.
We start to find thou are not here
Yet joy that thou art free.

Henderson Church Cemetery
Houston County, GA

Note:  Epitaph from poem entitled "The Loved and Lost,"
but cannot find an author.


jenniferw said...

So heartbreaking! I love the ones that are so old and stained that you have to work at reading them. Love the picture, Stephanie.

S. Lincecum said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I have a fondness for any stone that starts with "Here lies the body of" or something similar. My first thought is always happy to have found an old one. :-)

jenniferw said...

I like "here lies" for a start, too. But I always feel a tug at my heart when I read "Sacred to the memory" ... I guess I just love the words "sacred" and "memory" ... but all epitaphs are poignant in their own way! And you're so right about "old" ... they're the best. I took about 100 pics in the First Pres cemetery last Saturday ... a few of the graves date to Revolutionary War time! I'll give you a heads-up when I post them.

p.s. I'm bugging my husband to carry me up to Massachusetts in mid- to late-August. I'm keen to see the graves of Emily Dickinson ("called back") in Amherst and Lizzy Borden (she of 40 whacks) in Fall River! If I get to go I imagine I'll take 1,000 pictures ... that'll be worth 1,000,000 words! LOL

S. Lincecum said...

I so hope you get to go. I know I'll reap the benefits, too! LOL :-)

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