08 June 2010

"In Memoriam" for Master Mason Edward McGehee

Rev. E. T. McGehee, M.D.
From the 7 June 1870 Macon Weekly Telegraph, Georgia:

Reverend, Edward T. McGehee, M.D., a Master Mason, and a member of Houston Lodge, No. 35, F. A. M., died April 16th, A. D., 1870, A. L., 5870 -- Aged 62 years.

Our Lodge has never been called upon to mourn the death of a brother more beloved than he, whose name heads this notice.

At heart brother McGehee loved the mystic charms of Free Masonry. His intercourse with his brethren in all the relations of life, and his communion with them around our sacred altars, illustrated his high appreciation of a devotion to our time honored and indissoluble Fraternal Union; his outer life exhibited his high estimate of our Moral Temple and added lustre to its wisdom, strength and beauty. Over and around all of which he threw the higher charms and purer light of a holy life consecrated and devoted to the cause of Him in whom we put our trust. Honored and revered by us while living, and now "he being dead, yet speaketh" -- let us while we record his virtues and would embalm and cherish in our hearts his memory -- remembering that we too must die -- copy his bright example, and like him when our time to depart shall come, we also may be ready to enter the Supreme Grand Lodge Eternal in the Heavens.

Resolved, That while we deeply deplore the death of brother McGehee, we believe that our loss is his eternal gain, and would bow submissively to the will of Him who hath taken him from us -- and hereby tendering to his bereaved family our warmest and tenderest sympathies, would commend them for comfort and support to the God of the widow and friend of the fatherless.

Resolved, That a blank page in our Lodge book be inscribed to his memory. That the furniture and jewels of the Lodge be draped in mourning, and that we wear the usual badge for thirty days, and also that a copy of this tribute be transmitted to the Telegraph and Messenger for publication; and also under seal of the Lodge to the family of the deceased.

T. M. Killen, Jno. S. Jobson, Jno. A. Hafer, Committee

A true extract from the minutes of Houston Lodge, No. 35, F. A. M.

Perry Ga, May 20, 1870, Jno. S. Jobson, Secretary." [end of transcription]

Rev. Edward T. McGehee was laid to rest in Henderson Church Cemetery; Henderson, Houston County, GA. For a glimpse into what his funeral ceremony might have been like, see Calm, the Good Man Meets His Fate (& a Masonic Funeral Ritual).

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