26 August 2010

3 of His Brothers were Yanks & 4 were Rebs?

Located in Evergreen Cemetery at Fitzgerald, Georgia are two rounded raised top granite markers memorializing Adrian Hageman (1839-1914) and his wife Fannie Protsman Hageman (1849-1940). Here is what the Evergreen Cemetery Tour Map and Guide had to say about Adrian Hageman:

"Hageman Family
Cpl. Adrian Hageman, Company D, 93rd Indiana Infantry Volunteers, wounded in the knee at Vicksburg. Three of his brothers were Yanks and four were Rebs. Adrian and Fannie Protsman Hageman and their daughters Fannie and Adelia arrived December 9, 1895, by train from Missouri to Lulaville and then by hack to Mrs. Fox's hotel. Their four sons remained in the west. They had trouble getting their chickens to roost in the tall pines for they were accustomed to apple trees. Adrian invested in the pecan industry, founding the Riverview Land and Immigration Company. He died of a heart attack while visiting his sons in the west and despite his request to be buried with his troops, his widow Fannie buried him in the family plot."

Fannie and Adelia, daughters of Adrian, were both also laid to rest in Evergreen Cemetery.

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