25 August 2010

W. R. Bowen, Son of Confederate Veteran R. V. Bowen

Kate Buice (1870-1934) & William Reid (1869-1932) Bowen.
Evergreen Cemetery; Fitzgerald, GA.
Photo © 2010 S. Lincecum.

This is what the Evergreen Cemetery Tour Map and Guide from the Fitzgerald Convention and Visitors Bureau has to say about both Mr. Bowens:

"W. R. Bowen
Son of only Confederate veteran to serve on Colony Company Board, 2nd Lt. R. V. Bowen who fought with the 49th Regiment, Company E, Wilcox County, States Rights Guards. In the Battle of Cedar Mountain August 9, 1862 with 22 men under his command, only 9 came out unhurt. After the War, R. V. Bowen started a lumber and mercantile business at Bowen's Mill, with a trade radius of 50 miles in the scarcely populated area. R. V. was a state representative in 1898-99 and 1903-04. W. R. was involved in banking and real estate with his father, involving of the Lee-Grant Hotel and several downtown city blocks, including the Garbutt-Donovan Building and marble-fronted Exchange Bank, both of which are in active use today. W. R. Bowen founded the Colony Bank with Frank Bauder of Cleveland."


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