06 September 2010

Fruits of My Labor (In Case You Missed It -- August 2010)

Happy Labor Day! I had to work this three day weekend, but I hope the ones who have it off are enjoying the summer fling finale.

I am including a few more links than usual in this "In Case You Missed It" post. I'm now using the three most convenient (to me) stats and analytics programs to get the most popular posts over a specific period of time. They are all essentially Google entities -- Feedburner, Google Analytics, and Blogger Stats. I found several "ties" in trying to gather the top ten list, so I just decided to include them all. Also, as a content note / reminder, the most popular posts over the life of this blog (according to Blogger Stats) can be found on the right sidebar.

Here are the most popular posts from the last thirty days.

- Southern Cross of Honor

- Minnie Lou (Tombstone Tuesday)

- Marion's Lyre (Tombstone Tuesday)

- Colorful (Wordless Wednesday)

- In Hoc Signo Vinces: the Knights Templar

- Life is a Span (Today's Epitaph)

- Warm Southern Wind, Blow Softly Here

- In Case You Missed It -- July 2010

- Walnut Cemetery Photos Now Online

- W. E. Wheeler Stone & Epitaph (Tombstone Tuesday)

- Connecting the Stones

- Undertakers, Coffins, & Furniture

- Man Cannot Aspire to More than Handy Warren

- White Oak Flats Cemetery; Gatlinburg, Tennessee

- Parrott Family Vault

- W. R. Bowen, Son of Confederate Veteran R. V. Bowen

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