12 October 2010

In Case You Missed It -- September 2010

Sorry for the delay in posting the latest popular posts. The weather is starting to cool, and I am out and about more than usual in recent months.

As a reminder, the most popular posts over the life of this blog (according to Blogger stats) are in the right sidebar. I believe readers have found this feature useful, since some of the most viewed posts over the last thirty days can also be found in that list. I sincerely appreciate all of you looking around for more content. I have almost 500 posts you can wade through. :-)

Back to the current "most popular" list:

- Undertakers, Coffins, & Furniture

- Southern Cross of Honor

- FamilySearch Indexing Find for Saturday Soldier: Charles Stevenson

- William Weekley Drowned in the San Diego Bay (& My First Experience as a FamilySearch Indexer)

- In Hoc Signo Vinces: the Knights Templar

- Funeral Mound of the Mississippians

- Love, Life, and Truth

- More than 100 Photos from Evergreen Cemetery Now Online

- Women's Relief Corps, Order of the Eastern Star, & Mother Enterprise

- Most Recent Road Trip: Charleston, South Carolina (#5 of 5)

**If you are interested in all the "Road Trip" postings in the five-part series, here are links to the first four.

- It's Time for a Road Trip, and Tombstones are on the Horizon! (post 1 of 5)

- Brad Paisley Concert & Linwood Cemetery (Road Trip #2 of 5)

- Savannah & Her Beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery (Road Trip #3 of 5)

- On the Road Again to Gatlinburg, Tennessee (Road Trip 4 of 5)

As always, thanks for following Southern Graves!

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