23 October 2010

"A Remarkable Funeral" at the Rose Hill Cemetery Blog (& a Little Link Love)

I recently posted an article at my Rose Hill Cemetery blog entitled A Remarkable Funeral: Burial of the Victims of the Woolfolk Tragedy.

If you live in the middle Georgia area, you might have heard of the Woolfolk murders. In August 1887 Thomas Woolfolk supposedly killed nine of his family members with an axe. I use the term "supposedly" because there has been much debate over whether or not Thomas was the true perpetrator of the crime. He was convicted and hung for the murders at Perry, Georgia in 1890.

While I do not recount the details of the murders, I have provided a short video of the family plot and a newspaper article describing the funeral. I do link to an article describing the particulars of the crime, if interested.

On this lot are the graves of nine victims of a kinsman who slew with an axe almost his entire family. This was Thomas Woolfolk, and the extraordinary crime was committed one night in August, 1887. He paid the penalty of his deed on the gallows.

-- Even though this is an odd spot for a little link love, I would also like to point you to an interesting article from Quigley's Cabinet - Fisk Funeral. It's about today's (re)burial of an American Revolutionary War soldier.


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