03 November 2010

In Case You Missed It -- October 2010

As a reminder, the most popular posts over the life of this blog (according to Blogger stats) are in the right sidebar.

Here are the most popular posts over the last 30 days:

- Undertakers, Coffins, & Furniture

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- Love, Life, and Truth

- In Case You Missed It -- September 2010

- A Story Evolves from Clues Found in an Obituary

- A Gaggle of Geese Flyby (Almost Wordless Wednesday)

- Louisa's Blossom (Wordless Wednesday)

- White Oak Flats Cemetery; Gatlinburg, Tennessee

- Though at Thy Parting We are Sad... (Today's Epitaph)

- The Yarbrough Men

- George C. Elder, Policeman (Tombstone Tuesday)

- Tombstone Tuesday: Dates Unknown

- James Gates: Citizen, Husband, Father & Master

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