07 April 2011

A. W. & H. M. Wilson Cut Down in the Bloom of Youth (Today's Epitaph)

A. W. Wilson
Son of J. F. & S. A. Wilson
Born Aug 27, 1869
Died Mar 8, 1890

He, like the flowers of the morning,
was cut down in the bloom of youth.

Census records and online family trees suggest this tombstone memorializes A. Walter Wilson, first son of James Fletcher Wilson and Shady Ann Byrd. A short article reporting news from Lawrenceville in the 14 March 1890 Macon Telegraph (Georgia) states the "young man of about 29 died of consumption."

A. W., his parents, brother Henry, and sister Evie Lou are all resting in Fairview Presbyterian Church Cemetery at Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia.

H. M. Wilson
Second and Last Son of J. F. & S. A. Wilson
Photos © 2010/1 S. Lincecum.

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