09 June 2011

Happy Birthday, Donald & Thank-you, Mr. Nash

I have a confession to make: I am in absolute love with Donald Duck. He is by far my favorite Disney character, and he made his screen debut on this date in 1934. At that time, and for the following fifty years, the voice of Donald that I laugh at and love to hear was expertly provided by Mr. Clarence C. Nash.

According to Wikipedia, Mr. Nash was born 7 December 1904 in Watonga, Oklahoma. He married Margaret Seamans and had two children.

In addition to the voice of Donald, Mr. Nash also performed as Daisy Duck in her early appearances, as well as Donald's nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Mr. Nash died 20 February 1985 and was laid to rest in San Fernando Mission Cemetery at Mission Hills, Los Angeles County, California. His wife joined him in 1993. On their shared lawn style gravestone is an image of Donald and Daisy Duck.

Photo by Wade & Ruth Henry via FindAGrave

Photo by Alan Brownsten via FindAGrave

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Thank-you, Mr. Nash for providing me and so many others with side-splitting enjoyment that is felt even to this day. It is a legacy of yours that will be shared for many years to come... and Happy Birthday, Donald!

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Lenette said...

Donald is the best. It's crazy to think how long he has been around. I saw this on twitter the other day which is odd because the article is from February, but better late than never. Its an article about 5 "actual inventions" that Donald created, that range from movie concepts (Inception, Indiana Jones) to ship raising techniques. Cool stuff. http://bit.ly/mpPJtt

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