22 June 2011

Pause, and on this Dial Cast an Eye

As mentioned yesterday, this sundial and bench are located in the Fairview Memorial Garden at Fairview Presbyterian Church in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia. The sundial tells us to "count none but sunny hours," and has an image of a winged hourglass. On the bench is another sentiment to ponder:

You Who Would Learn Death's Secrets 'Ere You Go,
May Probe And Probe But Yet You Cannot Know.
So Pause And On This Dial Cast An Eye
To Watch The Shadows As They Come And Go.

For This It Means: A Clan Will Soon Be Gone,
Who All Thru Life To Old Fairview Was Drawn,
They Pass Like Shadows As The Sun Moves On,
And One By One Comes Back To Rest Here-On.

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