26 August 2011

Mrs. Mary Ann Mitchell Seemed Familiar

In Memoriam
buried near this spot
Born March 21, 1809 Jackson County, Georgia
Died March 20, 1836 Lawrenceville, Georgia
daughter of Colonel Tandy Key and Ann Cochran Key
wife of Madison Redd Mitchell
and their children
Sarah ?elton 1827-1916
wife of Moses W. Dobbins
Thomas Hanby 1830-1876
Tandy Key 1832-1923
Martha Virginia 1834-1835

It went unnoticed to me at the time of the visit and photograph. But when I sat down to see if I could find out a little bit more about Mrs. Mary Mitchell, she seemed a little familiar to me. The name on the stone that leaped out at me was Madison Redd Mitchell, Mary's husband. I went back through my files and found the connection. Madison Redd and his (and Mary's) son Thomas Hanby was buried at Fairview Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Lawrenceville, GA. The graveyard is not far from Mary's burial location of Lawrenceville Historic Cemetery. Both are in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

I actually wrote about Thomas and his epitaph about 2 1/2 months ago here on this blog. I love it when this happens! The situation helps prove the notion that studying all the cemeteries in a particular location will surely result in family connections and more accurate family (as well as community) histories. Don't you agree?


mystressladybug said...

thats pretty cool. kinda the same thing happened to me. i started my cemetery investigations when i saw a grave in old city cemetery in macon. cindarella gainer. throughout the years i have been researching her and her family. i also favor another cemetery in perry smith family cemetery. had been there a few times. in my research of cindarella i came across one of her 2nd cousins i believe it was and figured out he was buried in Smith. just goes to show that it really is a small world. in life and death. :)

S. Lincecum said...

Agreed! I love Macon's Old City Cemetery, too. It's a shame how much history was lost from there, though.

mystressladybug said...

yes it is.its really sad how ALOT of macons history is being lost. i used to love going to macon but now im almost afraid to lol. i would really love to sit and talk with you one day. i have so many questions that you may be able to help me with. seems like we have alot in common. are you in macon?

pugbug said...

Nice! Love the feeling of puzzle pieces falling into place.

S. Lincecum said...

Me too, pug!...Not in Macon, ladybug, but not too far from it. Unfortunately, there are plenty parts of that city I'm not comfortable in.

mystressladybug said...

i know what you mean Stephanie. send me a pm on FB and let me know where you are and maybe we can get together soon and maybe you can help me out.

dollyslaffn said...

if you look at the datess, she had a child every two years;and wass due for another one the year she died;she was still a yound woman, so there's probably little doubt as to the cause of death. Sad.

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