01 September 2011

Remember Thy Creator

Claudia (1852-1861) and Marion (1854-1858) were children of Bryant E. and Mary Catherine Russell Strickland. The draped urn topped tombstone they share with their father and two brothers bears an epitaph for each from a hymn entitled Remember Thy Creator (author unknown to me).

For Claudia:
Remember thy Creator
while youth's fair spring is bright
Before thy cares are greater
Ere causes death's dark night.

For Marion:
Remember thy Creator
Ere life resigns its trust
Ere sinks dissolving matter
And dust returns to dust.

Their father Bryant (1818-1900) has a nice epitaph as well: Earth has the ashes; friends the memory; God the spirit.

Lawrenceville Historic Cemetery at Gwinnett County, Georgia
Photos © 2010/1 S. Lincecum


Drew Smith said...

While the lines are originally based upon Ecclesiastes XII (the first 7 verses), the hymn is sometimes attributed to Samuel Francis Smith.

S. Lincecum said...

Thanks for the added info, Drew!

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