24 September 2011

Saturday Soldier: Capt. William Jasper Born

In God We Trust
Capt W. J. Born
Born May 28, 1835
Dec 11, 1916
He Was A Veteran Of The Confederacy,
And Was With Lee's Army When He Surrendered
At Appomattox C.H. April 9, 1865

Barbara J.
Daughter of A. W. & Anna T. Bates
Wife of Capt. W. J. Born
Born Nov 2, 1841
June 9 [3?], 1906
William Jasper Born was a member of Company D, 9th GA Battalion Light Artillery (aka "Born's Artillery"). He was a son of John and Lucinda Born.

Barbara Bates was actually William's second wife. He married once before the war, then married Barbara about 1865, then married again after her death. After the war Capt. Born was involved in farming and real estate in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

William and Barbara rest in Shadowlawn Cemetery at Lawrenceville.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Born Family Research
I am researching John T. Born.

John T. Born served in the same Company D. 9th Georgia Battalion of Artillery as this William Jasper Born.

W.J. Born appeared as John T. Born's witness for a Confederate pension and stated that he knew him his entire life.

Does anyone have information on John T. Born? What relation was John to William?

Any help would be very much appreciated. There is very little information on this family available via the internet.

Dennis Smith

Anonymous said...

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