18 November 2011

Arthur Eats Dinner, and Then Kills Self

Arthur O. Biffle
Son of G. K. & M. C. Biffle
Dec 12, 1875
July 20, 1914
How desolate our home,
bereft of thee.
The Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia)
Wednesday, 22 July 1914:
Lawrenceville, Ga., July 21 -- (Special) -- Arthur Biffle, aged 35, who lived near Snellville, shot himself with a single barrel shotgun Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Biffle was despondent over his ill health, having suffered for years, and had stated that he would not live out the year 1914. He lived by himself and was a painter. After he had eaten his dinner at noon he sat down by a tree and pulled the trigger of the shotgun with a wire. The load of No. 6 shot tore out his right lung. A justice of the peace held an inquest and the verdict was suicide."

Arthur was one of ten children born to G. and Mary C. Biffle.  He rests in Snellville Historical Cemetery at Gwinnett County, Georgia.

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